Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sexual Bucket List

The name says it all… This is a list of all the wonderfully delicious experiences I intend to pursue in the world eroticism before I am too old and haggard to do so…thus a bucket list of sorts.

Much like life, this is a work in progress. So, check back often for changes and updates. Feel free to add comments or suggestions of new hot things to try.

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The Pleasure Principle

(Note: Some of the following I have already experienced and I would either like to try again or to do so with Hubby)

1. Fuck on a train.
2. Have a stylist do my hair and while still in the chair fuck my cunt.
3. DP - with two men
4. DP - with a man and woman
5. DP - with two women
6. Water Bondage
7. Be a couple's sex slave.
8. Enjoy a sex slave of our own with Hubby
9. Watch hubby fuck my girlfriend while I sit in an adjacent chair just watching and touching myself
10. Nipple Bondage
11. Threesome with two Bi men
12. Group Lesbian Orgy
13. Gang bang (with pre-approved partners)
14. Pull off the side of the road and fuck behind a clearing or trees etc..
15. Variations of bondage (ie: Spreader bar, O-Ring gag etc.. Still a newbie in this regard so not up on my lingo or the ins and outs of BDSM - need a teacher or is it master? *wink*)
16. Fuck a woman with a penis gag and strap-on
17. Hubby fucking me while girlfriend fucks Hubby with strap-on
18. Fuck and Asian woman (hope this doesn't sound racist - I just think Asian woman are so fucking hot!)
19. A woman go down on me in a movie Theatre (this was inspired by a recent TMI)
20. Go on a road trip with Hubby and girlfriend. Take turns fucking in the back seat.

More to cum...